Wednesday, 13 May 2015


by Adele Basson
Remember when you were little and you tried your hand on gardening for the very first time? Most kids start off in this way, by enfolding a simple kidney bean from the grocery cupboard between some cotton wool, keeping it wet religiously until a small piece of green appears.  Some beans took a bit longer, others evolved quickly.
I can also remember the disappointment when you forgot to give the water and that little bit of green becomes a mess.  You had to start all over again.
Pain is like the kidney bean.  In the grocery cupboard, on its own, it will never sprout that little bit of green. It will stay hidden in the dark and never become more than exactly what the packet told you it would be.  There would be no growth and no learning.  There would be no healing.
The kidney bean needs the damp cotton wool. 
As humans we have all experienced pain at some stage in our lives, it is inevitable. And we also need the cotton wool to fold around our pain and support the fight against the darkness.  Whether your ‘cotton wool’ comes in the form of a friend or a family member or even someone you have just met, you need to allow that caring.  Only with dedicated, loving care would the pain evolve into something living, something green.  Embrace it.
·        Like beans in cotton wool
·        Embrace each other’s pain by caring
·        Allow other’s to embrace your pain
So let us all coverUP each other’s pain by being the ‘cotton wool’ it needs and let us bring some ‘green’ into someone’s life.