Friday, 13 March 2015


by Adéle Basson

It feels like only yesterday that we packed away our holiday decorations, bought the new squeaky clean diaries and got rid of all the food with 2014 expiry dates.  We are indeed already 1 quarter done with 2015 and for some those new years’ resolutions are but a distant memory written down many pages ago.

We all know the old cliché “where did the time go” and we might even experience it with regular intervals.  Maybe you promised that friend you bumped into at the school reunion last year that you will organise a braai soon, only it is not 4 months later, and you can’t remember where you’ve written down the number.  Or that unpacked box of clothes in the corner that is way too small for your kids has been looking at you every day since January.

You might need to freshenUP a bit.
Perhaps you have fallen back into the old habits of last year, spending hours on social media and in front of the television.  Last week I mentioned to someone how I would just ‘quickly’ look at Twitter, only to wakeUP an hour later finding myself looking at a video of something I have absolutely no interest in.  Old habits die hard!
And maybe a quarter into the year is a good time to reassess your goals and plans that you so carefully set out in the beginning of the year.  Are you still working with a plan and using every minute of every day to the best of your abilities?  Do you feel satisfied at the end of each day with what you’ve accomplished?

So let me dare you, go and create time.  Keep a diary, see what you spend your time on and decide if that is what you really want to spend your time on.  Switch off the television, computer, tablet, phone or whatever is eating away your time. Go for a walk, admire the sunset, talk to your neighbour, and hug your spouse.

And let’s freshenUP for the rest of this year!